Characterization of iPSCs by Immunocytochemistry

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 5, 2018 12:20:38 PM / by Zara Puckrin posted in Drug Discovery, Stem Cells

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As part of our contract services at REPROCELL, we offer induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) characterization by immunocytochemistry (ICC). Planning ICC can be tricky, as it requires careful selection of compatible antibodies and fluorochromes. However, if successful, the results are fantastic! Don’t waste valuable research time performing ICC, and let our experts do the work for you!

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The Benefits of Human Tissue to Drug Discovery and Development

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Karen Mcaulay posted in Drug Discovery, Human Tissues

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Progressive and innovative Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies ask themselves several key questions when it comes to Drug Discovery and Development:

• How and where can we be research smarter? 
• How can we reduce uncertainty? 
• How can we better predict efficacy and safety? 
• How can we reduce costs?

One route to making the drug discovery process smarter and more efficient is to use human tissue at one or more stages in the development process.

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REPROCELL’s David Bunton addresses the Scottish Parliament

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 21, 2018 11:58:30 AM / by Abbie Wishart posted in Drug Discovery, Scotland's Economic Performance, Research & Development, Government Partnership, SME

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On Tuesday 20th March 2018 REPROCELL Europe Ltd’s CEO Dr David Bunton appeared in front of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament to discuss Scotland’s Economic performance.  He was also joined by:

• Dr Diane Harbison, CEO, of Stratified Medicine Scotland

• Claire Mack, CEO, of Scottish Renewables

• Gareth Wynn, Stakeholder and Communications Director, Oil & Gas UK

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Patient-derived tumor organoids recapitulated clinical treatments

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 14, 2018 9:07:57 AM / by Inês A. Silva posted in Drug Discovery

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The pharmaceutical industry suffers from very high rates of clinical failure, because preclinical predictions of efficacy often fail to realize a clinical benefit. In part, this can be attributed to an over-reliance on animal models of efficacy, which often do not fully predict human responses to drugs. Two areas where very few predictive models are available is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)—which includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease—and gastrointestinal cancer—specifically cancer of the small intestine and the colon. REPROCELL has set out to solve these challenges by developing new preclinical tests based on human tissues.

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Five reasons to choose StemRNA 3rd Gen reprogramming

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 2, 2018 10:07:01 AM / by Anca Haralambie posted in iPSC Reprogramming, Drug Discovery, Stem Cells

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RNA Reprogramming is used globally for the generation of integration-free induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by researchers in biotech, academia, research hospitals and government agencies. This reprogramming method is gaining more and more interest and core labs and biotech companies focusing on regenerative medicine and GMP compatibility are adopting this technology and make it their standard.

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Inserts or Plates: Which format for your 3D cell culture

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 14, 2018 10:27:49 AM / by Frederique Tholozan posted in Drug Discovery, 3D Cell Culture, Bio-engineered Tissue Models

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3D cell culture. You've heard about it, you've read about it. You're probably daunted by the plethora of techniques available out there, but you want to join the growing number of scientists publishing in the 3D field or you hope it will make your drug discovery pipeline more effective.

But how should you do it? What's the best for your cells?

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Xeno-free culture of pluripotent stem cells in NutriStem® hPSC XF medium

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 5, 2018 5:58:00 AM / by Robert Annand posted in Drug Discovery, Human Tissues, Stem Cells

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Pluripotent stem cells (PSCs), such as embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), are a key component of the growing field of regenerative medicine. Use of culture conditions free of animal products (xeno-free) is essential for PSC projects that are destined for the clinic. NutriStem hPSC XF medium (01-0005) and iMatrix-511 recombinant human laminin-511 E8 fragments (NP8920911) form an ideal system for xeno-free, feeder culture of human PSCs.


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Formation of human tissue to improve drug testing and reduce animal research

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 19, 2018 9:30:56 AM / by Simon Padbury posted in Drug Discovery, Human Tissues, 3D Cell Culture, Bio-engineered Tissue Models

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REPROCELL’s Alvetex, a scaffold for 3D cell culture and bioengineered tissue models, is in the Durham University (UK) News yesterday, at

Developed at the university by Professor Stefan Prsyborski, Alvetex was first commercialised by the spin-out company Reinnervate – based at NETPark in County Durham, UK. Reinnervate was acquired by REPROCELL Inc. (Japan) in 2014.

Stefan Przyborski is Professor of Cell Technology at Durham University’s Department of Biosciences and Chief Scientific Officer of REPROCELL Europe Ltd.

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