Author: Dr David Bunton


The gut microbiome in health and disease: the future for diagnosis and treatment of IBD and IBS?

A new method for distinguishing between IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) could be on the horizon following a publication by researchers from teams in the Netherlands and the US, who profiled the gut microbiome in stool samples from those with IBD, IBS and healthy controls.

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New publication by Roche on diarrheal toxicity induced by anti-HER2/3 combination therapy includes REPROCELL human fresh tissue data

A publication in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics has shed new light on the mechanisms by which anti-HER2/3 combination therapies can cause diarrhea.

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Do animal experiments translate to humans? A report by Elsevier and Bayer uses big data to shed new light on a hotly debated topic

The use of animals to predict the risk of adverse effects in humans is a long-standing debate within Pharma and also in society at large. Moreover, safety issues leading to clinical attrition remain a problem and a major financial drain on Pharma.

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