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A Visual Guide to CRISPR-SNIPER Gene Editing [Infographic]

Zara Puckrin, BSc / 30 March 2020

You've definitely heard about CRISPR; you might even be using it in your research.

This novel gene editing system is known for its ability to create precise genetic modifications in DNA with ease.

However, some genetic modifications can still prove challenging, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), large knock-in (KI) modifications and iPSC editing.

Our CRISPR-SNIPER technology was designed to tackle these more challenging modifications. Where the majority of gene editing companies in knock-out (KO) edits, our scientists are more experienced in SNPs, KIs and iPSC genome modifications. 

In this visual guide, we will explore the current challenges faced by researchers learning CRISPR, highlight the key benefits of CRISPR-SNIPER, and describe our flexible service options.

Infographic CRISPR-SNIPER Successes


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